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Treatment for migraine and headaches

Choose to feel better now! Many people suffer from migraine headaches; it is estimated that between 8% – 10% of the population have ongoing headaches or migraine headaches. Over 13 Billion dollars is spent annually for treatment of migraine headaches and for lost days of work. Migraine headaches affect families and those associated with the one who is suffering. After any serious medical conditions are ruled out by a physician, the clinical hypnotist can work with the patient. Most people are fully recovered from migraine headaches within 4 – 8 sessions. Migraine headaches are usually caused by stress and tension or subconscious triggers that are activated through thought or encountering some smell, or situation. This chronic pain can be alleviated for life. Through Hypnosis all the thoughts and conditions that caused the migraines can be reframed or changed. Sometimes the person will need to be regressed back to a time when they were younger to go to the time that the migraines started. The subconscious mind is able to move back in time easily under hypnosis to the time that the problem started. For people that get migraines because of scents, like perfume, flowers or when it rains, this is usually caused by a negative association with the scent. Through Hypnosis these reactions can be changed, so that there are no more migraines. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between fact and fiction, so reframing the mind and changing the thoughts to healthy ones, changes the health. Many people go to a hypnotherapist as a last resort, the usually have tried everything else. Don’t wait, you can feel better in a short period of time through hypnosis.


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