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Hypnosis is the easy way to lose weight without thinking about food! Losing weight through hypnosis is not about dieting. It’s about changing your eating habits through suggestion. Hypnosis can build your will power to stay away from certain foods, to stop overeating and to get rid of cravings.  Most clients will need between 4-6 sessions. Each session is approximately 50 minutes. You will receive a personalized MP3 to listen to each day, in between your sessions. Listening to the CD every day is very important. Dieting only makes you crave food more, because all you are doing is counting calories and thinking about food. “What you think about, you bring about”. So hypnosis can make you think of food less and less. You will still enjoy your food, but you will eat slower, eat less and eat healthier foods with little or no thought. This helps you avoid the diet roller coaster, so that you don’t fall into the yoyo diet. With hypnosis you can count on keeping the weight off. No more going back to the old patterns. Hypnosis gives you a new pattern off eating healthy foods and less food.

Hypnosis can help you exercise more and become more active to lose even more weight. It will give you more self-confidence and make you feel better about yourself even before you lose the weight. You will feel thinner and believe you are thinner, which starts the weight loss. Your thoughts directly help you to lose more quickly.


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